If you have a quality tool kit, it’s important to look after all of the individual tools so that they are always in good shape and ready for use. Some professional quality tools may cost a lot of money and therefore you really should spend some extra time and effort ensuring that when they are stored away they are safe and your investment is protected.

When storing your tools, you should put them in a tool box or tool storage container. There are many different types of tool storage boxes and cases available, including some of the larger tool trolleys or cabinets on wheels that have storage trays in them. If you have the space for one of these then they are definitely worth investing in as they keep your tools compartmentalised for ease of locating whatever tool you need. The tool trolleys themselves can also be wheeled around your workshop or garage to wherever you are working.

Storing your tools in something like this will go a long way to helping protect them from damage when not in use. Whichever type of tools storage container you use though, it should be large enough to hold all the tools and leave room for expansion. You should also avoid storing tools on shelves made of wood or other materials that can be affected by moisture.

You may also want to consider using shadow foam to protect your tools from damage when they are stored. Shadow foam is a type of open-cell foam that can be cut into different shapes and sizes and used as a protective barrier around your tools without interfering with their function or causing any problems with corrosion. It not only keeps your tools protected, but it stops them moving about in their storage drawer or tool box and makes finding them again a lot easier. Shadow foam is therefore not only a great way to protect your tools, but also an excellent way to keep them organised. In addition, having an empty shadow foam space will immediately alert you to the fact that one of your tools is missing and needs to be located.

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Of course, it’s true that some tools that are found in tool kits are more delicate than others. A Stanley screwdriver or Bahco claw hammer may not need the same level of care as finely calibrated Mountz torque wrenches or some specialist electrical tools, but nevertheless, keeping all of your tools clean and taking care to store them all away carefully in an organised way will dividends when you come to use them again and can find them easily and in perfect condition to do whatever job you need them for.