Choosing the Best Industrial Tents

Industrial tents are quite versatile, which makes them a go-to choice for people looking for emergency storage solutions. Besides that, the structures can be used to set up indoor arenas, offices, or temporary classrooms. Choosing the best industrial tent for your next project can be quite challenging.

Here, we look at some of the factors you should consider when choosing. Besides that, the article will also include some of the main benefits of industrial tents or temporary structures over permanent buildings.But if you are looking for a neat tent for your special occasion, pay attention to party tents for sale

Size of the Structure

Industrial tents come in varying sizes and your size of choice will depend on your needs. The 30-feet wide tent is the best pick if you’re looking for ample space. There is a 40-foot tent that is perfect for large events such as corporate events or parties.

Make sure you measure the space available before picking up your tent. When measuring the available space, leave some allowance for the ropes and support beams. This will ensure that the installation team has ample space to work when setting up the tent. You can always extend the structure later on if the need arises.

Leasing vs. Buying

Issues related to budget will always crop up when choosing industrial tents. How much are you willing to spend? A bigger tent will cost more, especially if it comes with extra features such as windows.

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However, if you’re operating on a tight budget, you can opt to lease a tent rather than buy one. Leasing is also a great idea if you will only be using the tent for a short period. On the other hand, if you’re using it for a long period, say more than three months, then buying it is more cost-effective. There are plenty of building companies that deal with temporary structures. You can always check their website for the costs of different industrial tents.

So, what are some of the benefits of industrial tents?


Setting up industrial tents can take a couple of hours depending on the size. This way, it is always the perfect solution, especially for emergencies. You also don’t need any special surface to set up your tent.

Overall, you will have your structure in time without overspending. Permanent structures or buildings can take months to complete. They are also more costly in terms of labor and the cost of materials.


You can quickly pull down the tent and carry the materials to a new location. This is always an advantage, especially if you’re using a leased property. You can also customize the structure depending on your needs.

As mentioned earlier, industrial tents come in various sizes. However, you can always extend the structure if you need more space. You can also have a tent with clear PVC roofing and windows. This way, you will save on the need to install bulbs inside the structure.

All-Weather Solution

Weather conditions will always be a significant factor when setting up any type of structure. You want your products or the people using the structure to be safe all year round. Industrial tents are waterproof and can withstand different weather types.

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The tents are also easier to maintain compared to permanent structures. You don’t have to worry about repainting the walls after a couple of months.

Wrapping Up

Industrial tents are a good solution for businesses looking for a cheap and cost-effective storage solution. These structures also come in handy during emergencies thanks to the short setup time required.

You also need to talk to relevant authorities about whether you need planning permission before setting up the tent. In most cases, you will need planning permission if you’re going to use the structure for more than four weeks. However, if you’re using it for emergencies, you may not need to get planning permission.