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Looking for the different types of collar that used in garments industries? Then you have just come to the right place. No one in the entire world knows about the name of the collars. Collar is one of the most important part of the shirt or dresses. In this we will give the details information about types of collars as per different clothing style. So, read this post till the end to get all different types of collars name.

What is collar?                                                                      

In clothing the part around the neck either upright or turned over is called collar. The collar is a key design element of any dress. In every garments like’s shirt, blouse, jacket or coat collar is used to give a fantastic look.

Different types of collar with name:

Collar deign is vary from style to style. Different garments needs different types of collar style. And several people like to wear several collars as per their demand. Various types of stylish collar design name are given below-

  • Button down collar Partial roll collar
  • Convertible collar
  • Shawl type collar
  • Shirt collar
  • Straight Collars
  • Detachable Collars
  • Turtleneck Collars
  • Sailor Collars
  • Mandarin collar

Assorted types of garments need assorted types of collar style. Like coat collar are totally different from shirt collar. On the other hand men’s collars are not Mach with women’s collarNow we are trying to give you the details about different types of collar style.

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Dress Shirt Collar Styles

A shirt without a collar is like a house without a roof and looking so funny also. Nobody wants a house without a roof. But choosing a suitable collar style can be difficult if you’re not fashion conscious about dressing sense. In this post we’ve broken down 7 world famous shirt collar styles you might encounter on a dress shirt and discuss the appeal of each one

Without collar shirt
Open collar shirt
Tab collar shirt
Round collar shirt
Spread collar shirt
Button down collar shirtdouble collar shirt

Spread shirt collar shirt:

The most common and versatile style of collar name is spread shirt collar. This collar features point that end between apart from one another to tie the knots. It required for both small and large tie knots due to its space between the collars leafs.

Button-Down Collar shirt

button down collar shirt deign is the fasten collar style. Normally this collar is used on sport shirt rather than dress shirt. It gives more casual option looks than spread or point collar shirts.

Tab collar shirt:

 the tab collar has two flaps these are fastened behind the tie knot. It is an unusual collar which is particularly suitable for high tie knots. British people were this collar props up your tie knot–making it more pronounced.

Open collar shirt: 

Actually ties are limited to wearing for special occasion. Most of the people like to wear a casual shirt. Open collar shirt is a formal shirt which shirt to the Americans. This type of collar shirt is meant to be worn with a tie but now it’s commonly wear with the collar open.

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Double collar shirt:

The incompatible color or pattern combinations of your two collars will offer you with almost unlimited accessorizing option that is double collar. The double collar shirt can just as easily be wear casually, by rolling up the sleeves and unbuckling the shirt bottom.

Round collar shirt:

Specially, round collar are design for young generation. Both young boys as well as girls like to wear round collar shirt to give a fantastic look. These types of collar shorten than other collar.

Cutaway collar:

cutaway collars are made at angle that “cuts away” from your face. People also called it as Windsor collar because it was originally was developed to fit Windsor tie knots. This shirt is to be much bolder and more modern than those types of shirts were.

 The “V” shape in the top and center of the collar, it gives the appearance more spread-out than most other traditional collars. This collar shirt emphasizes your face and neck. Best thing that it is perfect for almost any occasion, personal and business-related, casual and formal. If you have a slimmer or elongated neck and a face that is angular in shape, the cutaway collar will give you a fantastic look.


Simply can say that jacket is a mid-stomach length garment for the upper body.[1] A jacket normally has sleeves, and fastens in the front side. This garments generally lighter, tighter-fitting, and less insulating than a coat, which give you elegant look.. Some jackets are fashionable, while others serve as protective clothing. Jackets without sleeves are vests.

Collar jacket:

The fasten around or frames the neck of a jacket is called jacket collar. Collar jacket gives you a gorgeous and different than other. Different types of collar are available in the market place. Now we are giving the different types of collar jacket through our article. We just brush up about the latterly collection of collar jacket.

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