Double Sided Business Card

Marketing is very important in business and business cards offer various benefits to spread the word about your brand. Business cards come in various shapes, designs, and sizes. Additionally, you can have your cards printed on one or both sides like double sided business card. Perhaps you are still perplexed on the right choice to make before ordering your business cards form an online printer. Read on to get an idea on the right way to have your business cards printed.

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The information to place on your card defines how to place it on the cards. The more information you have the more space required. However, you have to consider your profession. Single side business cards are ideal for consultants and lawyers who only need contact information on their cards. Businessmen and IT professionals need double sideed business card to convey the variety of services they offer.

The second side of the business card works like a brochure to cut marketing costs for startups. Regular business cards include a phone number, business name, location, and contact details of the business. Additionally, you can add a name and designation of every member of your working team. Information regarding the various services and products you offer goes on the other side of the card. Alternatively, the other side can include only the company logo to make a lasting impression.


Placement of information on your business card is important before you order business cards online. This is very important to ensure that the card serves its purpose. Double side cards are for every employee to travel with for effective business promotion. However, top managers can carry single side cards to offer to corporate colleagues with only basic information about the brand.

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Single side business cards have short and concise details making the other side free to write any additional message. The blank side also comes in handy as calling cards for handing to particular people you meet at various functions. So, double sided business card are ideal for marketing your services and products while single side cards are for offering your business contact information.


Where you are planning to give out your business cards plays a significant role on the sides to be printed on the card. In a business meeting, you have to talk more about your brand. For a seminar and conference, there is always a lot of business card exchanging. So, you have to hand out cards that can stand out from those the person has already received. However, you have to be mindful of the convenience the card offers.

Business cards with a single side are handy for taking notes when you forgot a notebook or tablet. And, any person who receives your card can jot down some important info about your brand at the blank side of the card. This makes it easy for the person to remember the person who gave them the card. When attending an exhibition, convention, or trade fair, double side business cards are more effective at promoting your brand. This offers more information about your services or products on both sides.


There are various situations where you can hand out your business cards . The other person won’t bother to look at the back of your card in rush situations. Additionally, the person is more likely to place the card hurriedly in a business card holder or file with the face facing up. So, this reduces the chances of seeing the details on the other side of a double Sided Business Cards.

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People with high paced lifestyles don’t have time to pull out a card from its storage to check the other side. Other people can scan the card to keep a soft copy of the card for their convenience. Double scanning the scan is a big brother in this situation. Other people just take an image of the business card with smartphones for easier access. In all these situations, single side cards beat their double side counterparts hands down.

Double Sided Business Card


You can make the most of both worlds by ordering most of your cards printed on one side and some printed on both sides. Single side printed cards are ideal to hand out to higher-ups and business colleagues at business functions. The double side printed cards are ideal for handing out to general business populace to give them more details about the services or products you offer.

The trick works when meeting business partners in various categories. When meeting a chief executive of a big firm, a quality single side card makes a stellar impression. Alternatively, a double side card with more information about your brand is great when meeting prospective business leads. It is not easy which type of card is going to generate sales but you are sure to make a great impression at both ends.


Finally, the battle for which side of business cards needs printing ends with the price points. Cards printed on one side cost considerably less compared to those printed on both side for requiring less ink. Additionally, single side cards don’t require backing on the other side involved to print double side business card. This makes the budget go lower. Therefore, the choice is yours to select a card that suits your budget and meets your requirements.

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Well, you can clearly see that each type of card suits different purposes and occasions. Therefore, always ensure to opt for a card type matching your purpose and budget. Luckily, you can always order the business card of your choice online to match your business requirements. Don’t forget to visit out homepage.