Did you know that The Construction Materials Recycling Association says that about 140 million tons of concrete are recycled every year in the U.S.? Reusing the concrete pavement helps decrease the number of raw materials needed for a new pavement structure.

Concrete has many uses, and depending on the size and project of the concrete being recycled you will determine the best method to do so. Keep reading and we will guide you through everything you need to know about recycling concrete.

How You Can Use Recycled Concrete

Recycling concrete and creating recycled aggregates, and those aggregates can be paired with some new concrete and create a solid surface.

The recycled clean aggregate can be used as the foundation for streets, parking lots, driveways, and backfill material or should stone.

Concrete recycling can also create 2-4 inches of recycled stone that can be used for making a foundation stable through being a bottom layer of a street or as a backfill.

You can also be used recycle concrete to create fine-grain sand that can be used as fill material.

Recycling Concrete

When you’re working to determine the right method to recycle concrete, you will need to evaluate the type and size of the concrete.

You will need to consult a building materials company that can help you transport the concrete to a recycling center or break it into more manageable pieces.

You can find the best method to recycle your concrete with Ramco. You can consult with them about everything you need to know for recycling concrete and they will help you figure out the best transportation method and how someone else can use it.

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Ramco works to provide satisfactory customer service, while also meeting the needs of the construction industry. We aim to remain sensitive and responsive to environmental issues and community relations.

The Benefits

First and foremost, recycled concrete with help with your budget. Using recycled aggregate is about 40% less expensive than using natural aggregate.

The cost of construction debris keeps increasing and moving the debris from one place to another just adds to your cost. Instead of putting money in your budget toward transport and disposal, recycling helps save you money.

There are also stricter regulations in landfills and it can be hard to get rid of debris, recycling the concrete eliminates this concern.

Lastly, recycling concrete has a positive impact on the environment. Concrete debris can take up a large part of landfills and many can’t keep up with the need for disposal. Recycling keeps the concrete out and then they are reused in other beneficial ways.

Start Recycling Concrete Today

Now that you know that recycling concrete has many uses, positive benefits, and isn’t a huge lift for you, get started on contacting a service today.

Recycled concrete can be a strong foundation for streets, parking lots, driveways, and used as backfill material. You contact a service to help you find the best method to use it and it’s less expensive and good for the environment.

Start developing a process to recycle concrete or keep reading about the latest in Tools for Manufacturing.