Football games you should check out that aren’t FIFA

Let’s be real for a second. There aren’t many football games out there that are better than FIFA. That’s not to say that FIFA is the greatest football game there ever will be, it sure has its fair share of annoyances. However, because of this, many football lovers can only turn to FIFA to play the sport virtually and/or those football lovers will participate gleefully in sports applications either made by others or made by themselves using a Football API. There isn’t any other football game like it, but there are other football games that are worth checking out. In this list, we will assemble a few football games you can play on your phone or your ps4 or ps5.  

Football Manager

In this game, you don’t technically play football, but if you are a bit of a control freak or believe you can bring a football club to the height of success, this is the game for you. In Football Manager, you basically take control of a football club and manage the club’s development, its facilities, and even its stadiums. You can make your dream football team starting from the youth players as well. All the tactics, plays, training programs, and everything are completely up to you, do you think you can handle that?


Previously called pro evolution soccer, this football game used to be quite a big competitor to FIFA. Back in the day, this game had a similar vibe to FIFA, so if that’s what you are going for while playing a football game, check this one out. This is a game that is free to play so you don’t need to worry about spending extra funds. You can play this game on a console as well as a PC and even on mobile.

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This is another football gaming experience that is free to play. UFL is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X. It is planning on being a competitor to FIFA regarding the FIFA ultimate team online game mode. Even though UFL wants to challenge FIFA to be the top football game to play, it still desires to be seen as more than that. A huge difference between UFL and FIFA is that UFL is free to play, there aren’t many decent games like that, yet this one is an exception. UFL wants its users to play without needing to buy a new version of the game each year. They simply want the game to update and everyone will have the new version.

Dream League Soccer

This game is available on your mobile app store. With this game, you can build your own team, upgrade your stadium, recruit other players, and train your team to victory. This mobile game is kind of iconic amongst some football fans, and it shows! It used to be the closest anyone could get to playing FIFA single-player on mobile.