Wedding Rings

Weddings are some of the most complicated events that most adults plan in their lifetimes. Unless you are a professional event planner or an expert in managing the minutia, this whole process can be a bit overwhelming. While there are a lot of large-scale details that you need to keep track of, you don’t want to avoid having the smaller details derail your day. If you want your wedding to be the best day ever and avoid common issues, here is a list of wedding details that you won’t want to forget.

Wedding Bands

Wedding bands may be physically small and take up very little space; however, they are a vital element to your big day. In most wedding ceremonies, wedding bands are the signifier of your union. If you want to ensure that you avoid unnecessary stress, make sure that you have a clear plan of who carries the wedding bands and keep them secure right up until the bridal party starts the processional.

Bad Weather

Although outdoor weddings often make for stunning wedding scenes, you also need to be careful of mother nature’s unpredictability. Whether you plan on having your full wedding outside or just a few photos, you need a backup plan. This can help you, your sweetheart and your guests stay warm, dry and happy through the entirety of your big day.

Extra Ceremony Seating

Headcounts are an essential element in all parts of your wedding planning process; however, there is an area where you should always overestimate. Your ceremony seating should always allow for a bit of extra wiggle room. Guests may place a seat between themselves and another set of guests or spread out in ways that limit the available seating. By planning for this, you can avoid uncomfortable interactions between guests or disruptions during the ceremony.

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Meal Headcount

Having a clear headcount of your guests will be an important part of the response process and help your caterer plan accordingly. Don’t forget to add yourself to that number. A common mistake that many engaged couples make when reviewing their headcount is forgetting to include themselves and the meals for their vendors. Make sure that everyone has food to fuel them throughout the long day.

Food Allergies

Feeding your guests is an important part of any reception; however, a common hindrance to feeding your guests that couples can forget about is food allergies. While you may not be able to accommodate any food preference, a food allergy is often something caterers are familiar with navigating. Ensuring that everyone can have a safe and fun time is an important part of the planning process.

Tips for Vendors

It is evident how much work vendors put into bringing your wedding dreams to life. Showing them a bit of gratitude in the form of a tip is something that you cannot forget. Consider delegating the task of tipping your vendors to a trusted family member, friend or bridal party member to show your appreciation without having to worry about it on the day.

Travel Time Between Events

As you start narrowing down details for the big day, you’ll start to build your schedule. While you may aim to cram as much into one day as possible, you cannot forget your travel time between events. Everyone needs ample time to travel between events and various destinations. Don’t let a lack of planning for time get in the way of you enjoying this special moment.

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Out-of-Town Guests

Ensuring everyone is comfortable and happy is an important part of wedding planning, including your out-of-town guests. Helping them feel at home can make their experience far more enjoyable. Whether you supply welcome bags, personalized recommendations or fun events in town, the small details can make all of the difference.

When you are planning a wedding, there is an immense number of things that you need to plan for. If you truly want your day to be everything you have ever hoped for, make sure that you remember these small but vitally important details. Get hitched without a hitch and you’ll be glad you planned for these.