Are you planning to launch a new product? Before you send it out to the market, you should consider releasing a product prototype.

A product prototype is a demo model which a select group can view and test out. This is an ideal method to help you test out your product before your target market.

Your target market can give you feedback on the prototype. This will help you refine the new product when you’re ready to release.

Here are the benefits of prototyping:

  1. Decide on the Manufacturing Process

With product prototyping, you’ll get to decide on which manufacturing process works best for your needs.

You’ll assess whether your current manufacturing process is ideal. You’ll also determine what are the best materials you can use to refine your product.

You can do your research on custom extrusion materials on to help you make this decision.

  1. Resolving Conflicts

One of the benefits of prototyping is that you can resolve conflicts beforehand. Your target market will give you feedback on what problems they encountered with the product.

They’ll provide you with advice on how you can improve upon the product. They’ll tell you what issues they’ve experienced with the product and how it can get fixed.

This is often what car manufacturers depend on before releasing a brand new model. They’ll offer consumers an opportunity to test drive a prototype of the car.

Based on the consumer’s feedback, the car manufacturer will refine the car and fix all errors before launching the new product.

  1. It’s Great for Funding
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If you’re looking for funding for your new product, then you can depend on prototyping to help gather the capital.

Many investors will want to assess the product before they’ll want to finance it for mass production. This is often a common practice when seeking crowdfunding.

This is a great benefit if you’re creating a digital product. Whether it’s a software program or a feature film, you can secure financing if you provide a demo of the final product.

  1. Patents

If you wish to file a patent for your invention, then you should consider releasing a prototype first.

If you release a prototype, this shows that you’re serious about releasing your new product. When you register a U.S. patent, your product will be vetted to see if it qualifies.

By releasing a prototype, you’ll give a better impression to the Patent Office. Not releasing a prototype can hurt your case when you file for a patent.

Prototype Your New Product

Now that you know the benefits of a prototype, you’re ready to release one before you launch your new product.

With a prototype, it’ll help you decide the manufacturing process. You’ll assess whether you’re using the right materials or whether you need to make a few changes.

Prototype launches help you resolve any conflicts or issues with your product. It’s also great to secure funding for your new product and it also helps you secure patents.

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