Andon system for lean manufacturing
Andon system for lean manufacturing

In English, Andon means ‘Sign’ or ‘Signal’. It is a visual aid which alerts where the action is required. Think, for example, a flashing light in a manufacturing plant that symbolizes the line has been stopped by one of the operators due to some uncertainty. An Andon System is one of the important components of the Jidoka quality-control method. Basically, Andon System was a part of the Toyota Production System and now use as a Lean manufacturing method.

What is Andon?

Andon System is that the Japanese Concept for a signaling system among a production method or plant. The Japanese use Andon systems as a communication tool to speak the standing of a production line or process to any or all production staff on the production floor.

Andon system for lean manufacturing

There are some ways to use the Andon system in Lean manufacturing and in many alternative industries. Amazon uses it as a part of their client  Service method. Regardless of wherever it’s getting used, the Andon method works are that if you actually empower operators to use it.

What is the Andon system for lean manufacturing:

Andon System Is an information tool which provides the instant, visible and audible warning to the operations team that there is an abnormality within that area.

The Andon is a Signal which serves to alert the Group Leader, Support Teams of a problem.

Purpose Quality Control systems: Lean Manufacturing Systems focus on doing process’s Or task correctly the first time every time. Today we will discuss the theory and tools necessary to implement a functioning Quality Control System by Andon System

Why Be Concerned About  Quality Losses:

  • A 1% loss at each step of the ISQ process will result in over a 100% loss for throughput quality.
  • Small numbers can quickly turn into large quantities.
  • The consequences of bad quality are too high.
  • Quality improvement and control will prove we are serious concerning lean implementation
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Never come from final inspection.

Never come in a random process.

Require a level of attention that is not commonly accomplished.

Errors will be made.

Errors are opportunities for embedding precision( accuracy).

Quality systems focus on achieving precision.

A Quality Control System:

  1. Inventory control method
  2. Production and process control
  3. Discrepancy control
  4. Inspection methods
  5. Functional tests
  6. Quality audit program

Production and Process Control:

  • The quality requirement must be specified on all process work order or process cards.
  • Measurements must be provided to ensure quality is maintained.
  • Functional and physical interchangeability can only be specified on the purchase order.
  • Any deviation from requirements must have a changed contract with the customer.
  • Inspections must be made at the appropriate stage of the process flow.
  • Only quality products must be passed onto the next process or the customer.
Andon system for lean manufacturing

Uses of Andon:

  •  Andon can quickly identify the problem site.
  • Makes the supervisor to quickly respond to the call, investigate the situation and provide countermeasures.
  • Allows the operator to understand the current status of the line.
  • Helps operator have autonomy
  • Provides data for analysis
  • Assist in determining the root cause of problems

Andon Thought Process:

  1. The Team leader’s response to Andon sounds should be immediate and conditioned. Based on the sound, the team leader may analyze the urgency of the problem.  A response within 10 sec is a reasonable benchmark.
  2. Group Leader too monitor the Andon and respond when necessary.

Andon Response Flow Chart

Andon system for lean manufacturing