How to Learn Programming Languages

Learning a new language can be daunting and learning a programming language can seem like a whole other level.

The good news is, learning programming languages is actually easier than picking up a foreign language, and with enough time and practice, you can be coding before you know it.

Find out how to learn programming languages, where to learn how to code, and how to get started in our complete guide.

How to Learn Programming Languages for Beginners

The first step in your coding journey is to decide why you want to learn how to code. Are you trying to pick up the bare minimum to score a promotion? Looking for a career change? Or maybe you’ve got the next great app idea?

Some languages will be easier to work with than others so it’s important to choose carefully based on what you think you’ll be using it for. Once you’ve learned your first language, any subsequent languages should be easier to pick up. When you learn how to code, you may also start to discover shortcuts to programming that can save you a lot of time, like the C# PDF Generator

Take Your Pick of Programming Languages

There’s no “best” programming language but some languages are better suited for certain purposes than others. CSS and HTML are generally considered the easiest entry points into the programming world while Javascript, SQL, and Python are necessary for building interactive websites involving databases or payment systems.

Choose How You Want to Learn

Where and how you learn can be determined by how much time you want to invest in learning how to code. A computer science degree will take four years but will give you a theoretical knowledge base while a coding boot camp can have you coding with the pros in less than four months.

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Introductory Online Courses

Online courses run the gamut from a few weeks up to two years with free and paid courses available. Learning how to code on your own does take more self-discipline and motivation but it’s a good option if you’re planning to learn how to code in your free time.

Coding Boot Camps

Boot camps are a middle ground between free online courses and a multi-year degree in computer science. They tend to be more career-focused with lots of practical experience and the opportunity to land a job at the end of the program. Boot camps are also a great option if you want to focus on specific programming languages and learn C# or Javascript only, for example.

Online or In-Person Degree

If you’ve got the time and money to invest in a degree, it’s a great option to get more of a comprehensive knowledge in the world of programming. A degree is the best option if you’re keen to land in more of a senior role one day versus the practical side of day-to-day programming.

Start to Learn How to Code Today

Whether you want to learn how to create websites or how to design apps, start a new career or pick up a new hobby, when you learn how to code, a lot of new doors will open up for you.

Now that you’ve found out how to learn programming languages, dive deeper into the world of coding through our Technology section.