Mold can be something that really derails the workday at the office if it’s found, and unless you want your workforce calling in sick due to mold-related illnesses, it’s best to regularly check for mold before it becomes a problem. 

What is A Commercial Mold Inspection?

Commercial mold testing is when a professional visits your commercial office space and inspects the space for mold, high moisture levels, water damage and other such issues. 

The professional technician will often do the following: 

  •     Find and detect active or past mold infestations.
  •     Understand the severity of the mold.
  •     Inspect your HVAC system overall.
  •     Map out where there is excess moisture in your workplace.
  •     Suggest a preventative plan for the commercial space.
  •     Suggest a removal plan for your space. 

The Benefits of Regular Mold Inspections

Less Exposure to Mold

Any area with a mold infestation is toxic for its inhabitants, and this can cause issues if mold grows in a workplace as you are legally required to provide a safe space for your workers to be. Mold can cause many health issues such as CIRS (chronic inflammatory respiratory syndrome), asthma and more. 

Identifies Damage from Water Leaks

Often mold growth occurs due to an issue with water, which causes high moisture levels. This can happen because of water leaks you aren’t yet aware of. Some common leaks include under bathroom sinks, behind toilets or even by coffee machines. 

Present Accurate Findings & Results

Although it is tempting to purchase an over-the-counter DIY mold or moisture test, it’s not always a reliable tool and can be misused to show incorrect readings. It’s much better to speak to the professionals as they have the ability to conduct a reliable inspection and can save you money wasted on tools in the long term.

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Better Air Quality

Mold spores can cause many health issues as stated above, but they can also cause a damp smell that just doesn’t go away. This can reduce the air quality and lead to legal issues if you’re found to allow it to continue. 

Maintain the Value of Your Space

A mold infestation lowers the value of your commercial space and deters potential buyers. After all, many will have a surveyor come by and inspect the property on their behalf, and something they’ll consider is water and mold damage that may have occurred in the past. 

Avoid Financial Losses

If you allow mold infestation to continue, it can cause a vast loss in finances as it takes a lot of effort to hire the right people to come in and fix the problem. Repeated mold issues will drain your wallet and cause lingering delays in your workplace. 

Understand Prevention

The professionals will be able to let you know what can be done to prevent further mold from coming in the future, and this can include doing things like getting dehumidifiers or extra ventilation for specific areas. 

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