The Auto Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) industry has undergone a significant transformation since the onset of COVID-19. The effects of the pandemic on the industry have shifted consumer behaviors, disturbed supply chain fluidity, accelerated e-commerce transactions, and brought a greater demand for consumer safety along with organizational sustainability. So you understand where the AIDC industry is headed, let’s take a look at what experts predict for labeling and barcoding this year.

Labeling and Barcoding Industry Changes

As new industry regulations are on the horizon, companies like Seagull Scientific have created an expert round-up to explain the predicted future of labeling technologies. Of the prime labeling trends, the encoding of variable data is expected to grow significantly. The need to quickly and accurately identify labeled products is becoming a growing issue manufacturers need to solve. This can possibly be solved along with an increase of automation equipment. With this, labeling and barcoding can be better optimized for automation.

Additionally, product lifecycle management can be solved if product codes and symbols can work together. This information can be accessed by consumers and improve labeling standards for identification effectiveness. Experts are predicting the major shift will surround EAN/UPC linear barcodes for general retail and fresh food products. These traceable engagements will enable new business solutions for today and the future.

To avoid “tag clutter” or poorly encoded tags, education behind proper encoding standards will strengthen this issue. This should also aid in reducing shipping industry delays, among other issues. With labels becoming more intelligent, consumers can continue to connect the information to make better purchasing decisions. With multilayer authentication, labels will be more attractive and practical to use on larger tracking platforms.

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As we’re settling into 2022, companies within the AIDC industry are trying to maintain resilience. Based on the insights from industry experts, some common themes to keep on your radar will surround the following labeling trends and predictions:  

  •       Encoding variable data to identify labeled products quickly with accuracy.
  •       An increase in automation equipment for highest optimization
  •       Proper product coding and symbols for long-term product lifecycle management
  •       Consumer safety regulations to be supported with new, intelligent labeling and packaging standards.

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