cycle time calculation

Cycle means the sequence of elements that are required to perform a job or yield a unit of production. The sequence may sometimes include occasional elements. Cycle time calculation is a technique Ccking time of all process. Cycle from the first operator to last operator of a production line. After checking all the operators the total consumed time of each operator is shown in a graph, which is called time study graph. TCh Ca Cal Calculation his procedure is called cycle check.

cycle time calculation

Tools for Cycle time calculation:

  1. Stop Watch
  2. Clip board
  3. Lead pencil
  4. Eraser
  5. Time Study Sheet
  6. Observer

Essential information for Observer:

  1. At first need to inform to the production manager
  2. Input date (after 3 / 4 days from input date)
  3. Production finished date
  4. Supply of materials or issue
  5. Production flow of line.

Approaching of Work-Study officer/Observer:

  1. Should behave in gentle manner with operators so that they do not feel disturbance.
  2. Should stand behind or beside the operator at the time of measuring cycle time calculation.
  3. Should ask the operator about work content.
  4. Should give thanks to operator after measuring cycle time calculation.

Things to be done before collecting data:

Being informed the buyer and style name before start of measuring cycle time in selected production line should observe the complete garment minutely.

After that observer will measure cycle time calculation from each operator individually of each operation sequence wise. 

Things to be done after collecting data:

  1. Calculate the individual and overall performance of the line.
  2. Write down the starting & ending date of that line in the graph paper.
  3. Write the Buyer name, style Name, line and item in the middle.
  4. Calculate the capacity of all operators
  5. Need to Calculate the total observed time and total operator of the line
  6. Calculate BPT, HPT and LPT
  7. Calculate the line production capacity
  8. Write the current production of the line (From production board)
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Capacity of the operators:

Suppose the average cycle time calculation of an operator is 5.00 minutes,

Then the capacity of that line operator is 60/5.00 = 12 pieces/hour.