Buying a home is a major life move. It’s a commitment in many ways: financially, emotionally, and mentally.

It’s the taking on of a major debt and making huge life changes. You should be aware of the many steps to buy a house as well as your reasoning for doing it to determine if it truly is the path you should take.

Here are the best and worst reasons to become a homeowner.

Best: You are financially stable.

You have worked hard for years to come into a stable financial situation. You have steady income, a decent credit score, lowered debt, and solid savings.

You have all the monetary makings it takes to be a homeowner.

Worst: It’s simply the next step.

Some people live by the notion that life needs to be done in a specific order. If you find yourself at a point in life where houses for sale in West Chester PA is next on your “to do” list, ask yourself if it’s truly the right time.

Best: You are in the position to achieve a huge personal goal.

Many people dream of owning a home, whether it be for themselves or with a partner to start a family with.

If this is something you always wanted and you have all your affairs in order, taking this leap is precisely what you should do.

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Worst: You feel you have something to prove.

Maybe you are in the right position financially – yet you never really dreamed of owning a home. You like being a nomad, you don’t mind renting; whatever the reason may be you never truly say being a homeowner in the cards.

Yet you feel the need to buy one to prove (whether to others or yourself) that you can do it, that it’s a goal that can be accomplished.

If it’s not your goal, you shouldn’t aspire to it. Some people live their whole lives without owning a home because they choose to, and that’s ok.

Best: It gives you peace of mind.

Not all living situations are ideal. If you’re looking to get out of an area that feels unsafe, searching for a new home in a better neighborhood is a great idea.

You might also be the victim of an unstable housing situation due to a landlord or fellow tenants. This is another sign you’ll want to look for a house, purchasing one if you’re financially able to.

Worst: It’s a buyer’s market.

The market may be in favor of buyers during the timeframe you get the itch to buy a home, but are you ready to be that buyer?

Ask yourself if you want to settle down. Can you take on the upkeep of a home, both inside and out? Can you take on the debt of a mortgage? Is your financial situation stable?

Don’t buy a home simply because the market is in favor of buyers. The market changes all the time.

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Odds are you can find the market is still in your favor when you finally do decide to buy a home.