Spending more time in our homes over the last couple of years, as well as having increased time on our hands has resulted in a lot of us taking up DIY projects and tackling home improvements. Maybe you want to utilise the space you have, or you may even be thinking of extending or adding a whole new element onto your property. If you’re not quite confident enough to take on such a project yourself, there are architects in London that would be more than happy to assist you in creating your perfect space. If you fancy a challenge, you’ll need some tools! We’ve made a list of the Top 5 tools you’ll need when starting your DIY journey.

  1. Circular Saw

A circular saw is a must-have when taking on larger DIY projects. They can be relatively small and are made up of a circular blade that moves at high speed, they tend to be portable. They are commonly used when making precision cuts in materials from wood to metal. They are a great tool to use for trimming mouldings and frames and can cut large pieces of timber. They can be used when measuring and cutting flooring, creating frames and fences. These saws are a practical solution for anyone keen to start a DIY project. 

2. Cordless Drill 

A drill can be found in most households and is a very versatile piece of kit. Cordless drills and battery-powered and portable, so no irritating wires to hold you back. It is an all-purpose tool that allows you to drill holes and fasten screws into several different materials such as wood, brick, and even concrete. They often come with a few different drill bits to suit the task you’re using them for. 

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3. Electric Sander 

Electric sanders allow you to restore surfaces with ease. They work in a circular motion and have changeable sanding sheets with varying grits to suit the surface you are working on. They allow for precision when working in tight areas. They are a handy tool for smoothing surfaces with rough edges or sanding timber before you add paint. The most common sanders found in households are belt sanders and portable disc sanders. 

4. Nail gun

Save yourself the hassle of a hammer and nails by investing in a nail gun. Nail guns are helpful when trying to nail in tight corners and awkward spots. They can help to finish a range of different projects from framing to flooring to furniture building. 

5. Mitre Saw 

If you need accuracy, a mitre saw can help. As the circular saw, the mitre saw works with a spinning, circular blade. Mitre saws are stationary pieces of equipment that allow them to make precision cuts with the utmost accuracy. They can take up a bit of space but if you’re serious about your DIY projects, a mitre-saw can help with anything from cutting timber frames and metal castings. They are essential when planning to use larger pieces of material.