What Channel is Pay-Per-View on Spectrum? | A User Guide

Routine cable programming can get dull at one point. Staring at the same channels, the same shows, and the same characters can put anyone under the spell of boredom. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Yes, Spectrum lets you catch a break from the monotony of cable networks by offering you something different, something unique, and something that has been around for years but not given much attention. I’m referring to Pay-Per-View programming. What is PPV and what channel is Pay-Per-View on Spectrum? Find out below.

What does Pay-Per-View Mean?

Pay-Per-View is a type of television programming that enables a viewer to order a special event of his/her liking and watch it over a private telecast. It is distinctly different from the public broadcast programming system and has a more luxurious feel to it. 

How does it work? Think of it in comparison to video-on-demand. If Spectrum On Demand brings you a catalog of free/paid movie titles, TV shows or latest entertainment blockbusters, Spectrum Pay-Per-View gives you a list of upcoming “live” events, which you can select and purchase for a small fee, even if the event is to be aired on a channel that is not a part of your Spectrum TV lineup. It is like buying a virtual ticket for an elite event and watching it on a private televised screening from the comfort of your living room.

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What to Watch on Pay-Per-View?

Spectrum Pay-Per-View service offers you a chance to watch action-packed live events including WWE WrestleMania championships and professional boxing matches, which give you a ringside feeling right at home. Are you a fan of college sports? With PPV, you can order the latest games and root for your local collegiate team. Pro-sports are also available; watch them before anyone else in your social circles. If you’re a cinematic viewer, then you can purchase a Pay-Per-View screening of an upcoming movie that has yet to be televised on national television, and check it off your list. To sum it up, the following events are accessible through PPV:

  • WWE championships
  • Professional boxing
  • Upcoming blockbuster movies
  • Concerts and other live events, etc.

What Channel is Pay-Per-View on Spectrum TV?

Let’s come down to the technicalities. 

What channel is Pay-Per-View on Spectrum cable? 

It depends. 

Spectrum channel numbers vary from one region to another. So, make sure to inspect your local channel listing. Chances are that you’ll find the exact PPV channel number there. If you don’t have your TV lineup at hand right now, then the below table will give you an idea of what to feed into your remote to open the Pay-Per-View dashboard.

Spectrum Pay-Per-View Channel Numbers by States & Cities

State City HD Pay-Per-View Channel #
Alabama Birmingham 1414
Arizona Yuma 651
California San Diego 651
Colorado Grand Junction 990
Connecticut Winsted 952
Florida Tampa Bay Area: Polk County 1125
Georgia Athens 958
Hawaii Hilo 1701
Idaho Coeur d’Alene 651
Illinois Belleville 950
Indiana Indianapolis Area 1414
Kentucky Louisville 998
Louisiana Hammond 949
Maine Augusta 651
Maryland Crisfield 958
Massachusetts Worcester 952
Michigan Midland 967
Minnesota Duluth 950
Missouri St. Louis Metro Area 950
Mississippi Picayune 949
Montana Helena 990
Nebraska Lincoln 651
Nevada Reno & Sparks 950
New Hampshire Keene 651
New Jersey New Jersey 651
New York Albany 651
North Carolina Charlotte 651
Ohio Columbus, Delaware & Canaan 779
Oregon Medford 950
Pennsylvania City of Erie 779
South Carolina Myrtle Beach 651
Tennessee Clarksville 949
Texas Austin 651
Vermont Barre 952
Virginia Suffolk 958
Washington Yakima 950
Wisconsin Milwaukee 779
Wyoming Cheyenne 990
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Channel availability and number may vary from area to area.

How to Order PPV from Spectrum?

Here’s a bit of good news. Pay-Per-View service is a part of all three Spectrum TV packages. Whether you go for the SELECT plan with its 125+ channels, for the SILVER plan with its 175+ channels, or the ultimate GOLD plan with its 200+ channels, you’ll find Pay-Per-View included in your respective channel lineup. Not only that, but Hispanic customers can also take advantage of Pay-Per-View programming or “PPV en Español” from Spectrum, and order it alongside their Mi Plan Latino

You can place a Pay-Per-View order for a chosen event directly from your TV remote or by making a phone call. 

Disclaimer: PPV movies can be watched multiple times within 24 hours following the order placement, whereas, special events can only be viewed once.

Ordering by TV Remote

  1. Navigate to the Pay-Per-View channel on your TV.
  2. Find the event that you’re looking for. You can place an order one-hour before or a half-hour after the start of the said event.
  3. Select it by pressing the “OK/SELECT” button on your remote control.
  4. Follow the on-screen prompts.
  5. Finish your order.

Note: If you somehow miss the event ordered via a TV remote, you will NOT be charged for it.

Ordering by Phone

Simply call the Spectrum customer support number mentioned on your cable bill to order your Pay-Per-View event. You might be required to enter a Purchase PIN, which you can create easily through your Spectrum receiver if you don’t already have one. That’s it!

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Note: If you somehow miss the PPV event ordered through the phone, you’ll be billed for it regardless, so we recommend that you purchase your chosen event through the remote method.

The Final Word

Pay-Per-View offers a break from the chain of regular cable programming and gives you a private televised view of a special event. Spectrum Pay-Per-View brings WWE, boxing, concerts, college sports, and the latest hits to the table, which you can order at ease through your TV remote or phone. This post also hands you the exact PPV channel number information throughout the states and cities covered by Spectrum, so you can quickly note it and feed it into your remote for direct Pay-Per-View access.