Brow Lamination

The thicker the brow, the closer to god. Or was that saying supposed to relate to your heels? Well, by taking a quick look through Instagram or Pinterest and the most popular eyebrow treatments online. And, you’ll find that the former is more accurate than the latter these days.

Sure, the hottest eyebrow trend in the 90s and early 2000s was the thin, overplucked eyebrows. But, even though 90s fashion is making a comeback, the thin eyebrows trend is still lagging and doesn’t look like it’s due for a revival anytime soon.

In short, we’re all after luscious thick well-groomed eyebrows. That’s the main driving force behind the popularity of microblading and brow lamination. Suppose you’re wondering which is the best eyebrow treatment for you, no worries. We’ve got your back.

Keep on reading for our full breakdown of the key differences between microblading and brow lamination. We’ll cover the procedures themselves, the benefits, and the aftercare.

The King of Eyebrow Treatments: Microblading

Let’s begin with the more well-known treatment that has been on the market for more than a decade now, and that is the microblading brow service.

This eyebrow treatment is also known as eyebrow feathering. It’s a type of permanent makeup that boosts your eyebrow looks by enhancing the shape and volume of your existing eyebrow hairs.

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A professional will be using a handheld tool that’s made of six to 14 micro-needles. They’ll plant a semi-permanent pigment right into your eyebrow epidermis to create a flawless eyebrow shape. The results are usually fuller and natural-looking eyebrows.

What Are the Benefits of Microblading?

What’s great about microblading is that it’s an effective treatment for practically anyone. Whether you have naturally full eyebrows or you have no eyebrows whatsoever, a microblading treatment can grant you some realistic-looking eyebrows that are both full and will last you for about 18 months.

Yet, you’ll want to keep in mind that this lifespan depends on whether you’ve taken the right aftercare precautions and various other environmental factors, like the sun and salty water exposure.

Other microblading perks you get to enjoy will include waking up with perfect-looking eyebrows, so you won’t have to spend any time making them “presentable” or filling them in. Also, your brows will not smear or smudge following the first 10 days after your microblading appointment.

The Microblading Aftercare Manifesto

As you’ll get to enjoy perfect eyebrows for almost 18 months, you should be aware that the aftercare steps will be more involved and complex than those following brow lamination.

After all, microblading is a more invasive procedure than brow lamination.

On your first day right after your appointment, you’ll want to keep the microbladed area dry and use a clean tissue to blot and remove any excess fluid gently. This will help prevent the accumulation of buildup or scabbing tissue.

Start by washing the area twice a day, once in the morning and right before bed, with a gentle cleanser or antibacterial soap. From the second day until 10 days after the treatment, you’ll want to keep your eyebrows clean. Besides, you’ll want to put aside any active ingredients, like acids or exfoliants, until two weeks or so have passed.

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Once you’re done cleansing your eyebrows, you’ll want to add a moisturizer or ointment. Grab a cotton swab, and apply a tiny amount of the aftercare ointment or moisturizer recommended by your esthetician.

And, when in doubt about the amount of ointment to use, the lesser, the better. Excess moisture can actually delay your healing process.

The New Popular Kid on the Block: Brow Lamination

When it comes to brow lamination, you’ll want to think more of a perm for your existing eyebrow hairs than adding the illusion of hair follicles to your eyebrow area/

Simply put, it’s more of a perm for your brow hair than anything else. By applying around two to three solutions to your current eyebrow hair, you’ll be getting a solid and set uniform shape for your eyebrows for a good chunk of time.

When we say “perm,” we don’t mean curling your eyebrow hair. It’s more like a solution that will keep your brow hair brushed up and lifted for an average of six to eight weeks.

What Are the Benefits of Brow Lamination?

If you’ve been looking for a quick, simple, and affordable way to thicken up your existing eyebrow hairs, then brow lamination will be your new best friend.

Most of us don’t want to commit to an eyebrow look for more than a year, which is what you’ll be getting if you go the microblading route.

A brow lamination appointment will give you a very natural eyebrow look, with fuller (and fluffier) looking brows. Also, you won’t have to brave the needle or any invasive procedures to enjoy your new eyebrows.

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The whole treatment will last you for around six to eight weeks, so if you’re not enjoying your new look, you won’t have to suffer for 18 months with the same eyebrows.

Brow Lamination Aftercare

If the idea of following the extensive aftercare protocol for microblading is giving you anxiety, you’d be delighted to know that the aftercare process of brow lamination is a much simpler animal.

For the first 24 hours after your treatment, you’ll want to avoid hard workouts, steam, heat, or smushing your face right in your pillows and messing up your eyebrows.

Then, after 48 hours, you’ll want to apply a hydrating balm or castor oil to your eyebrows every day. It’ll help keep them luscious and well-hydrated. So, after you shower, you’ll want to use a brow brush or mascara wand to brush your brow hairs back into place. That’s all you need to do.

Unlocking the World of Eyebrow Grooming

Self-care begins with the hairs framing your beautiful eyes. Yet, things can be a bit overwhelming if you’re a newbie to the wide world of eyebrow treatments.

Hopefully, our explainer has shed some light on the differences between microblading and signing up for a brow lamination treatment. When in doubt, start with brow lamination, as the look won’t last you for too long.

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