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Do you smell like a million dollars? We didn’t think so. Now, that doesn’t mean you’re not accompanied by your own unique aroma, a divine personal fragrance that turns heads wherever you go. You may have your favorite eau de toilette, and maybe it even gets the job done. But you don’t smell like a million bucks, and that’s because you’re not using Paco Rabanne Lady Million eau de parfum.

Lady Million is nothing less than olfactory opulence at the peak of perfection. It is insouciant decadence distilled into aromatic artistry, with a light hint of patchouli and a subtle dash of honey.

Intrigued? Keep reading, and we’ll tell you why Paco Rabanne’s designer perfume is the best.

Paco Rabanne: Icon of French Fashion

Paco Rabanne has been a superstar in the world of haute couture since 1966.

Born Francisco Rabaneda y Cuervo in Spain, during the turbulent years of the Spanish Civil War, Paco Rabanne and his mother escaped to France. By the time he was in his thirties, he was already a rising star in the Parisian fashion scene of the swinging sixties.

He made a name for himself with his sleek, futuristic “mod frocks” consisting of linked plastic discs or metal plates. Fashion icons such as Audrey Hepburn, Françoise Hardy, and Jane Fonda have modeled his unusual designs.

But fashion is about so much more than clothing, and that’s where Paco Rabanne’s perfume scents make their appearance. Whether it’s Olympéa designer perfume for the ladies, or Invictus designer cologne for the men, Paco Rabanne is among the best parfumeries in the world.

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And that brings us to Lady Million.

Lady Million: Your Next Favorite Perfume

Lady Million was launched in 2010, and was designed by Anne Flipo, Béatrice Piquet, Dominique Ropion, and Bruno Jovanovic—all of them top parfumiers.

So what makes the Paco Rabanne Lady Million perfume price worth it? First, it comes in a multi-faceted glass diamond that was patterned after the famous “Regent Diamond,” on display at the Louvre. It evokes thoughts of luxury, wealth, and opulence.

That’s fitting, because with Lady Million, you will smell like luxury, wealth, and opulence. And what does this smell like?

First, it smells like white flowers. Voluptuous white flowers, with a delicate but insistent scent, one that follows and demands attention. Next comes a hint of bitter orange, with touches of sweet raspberry.

Think of these as a palate cleanser for the bravura dénouement that comes next. First, an explosion of neroli, like a flash of light, followed by the aroma of orange blossoms, jasmine, and hints of gardenia.

Finally, the patchouli and honey arrive, to carry the fragrance to a satisfying crescendo.

Smell Like a Million Dollars With Lady Million

This is what it comes down to: even if you’re just leaving the gym, with Lady Million by Paco Rabanne you’ll always smell like you just stepped out of a sexy flower bath.

So why not try it out today, and smell like a million bucks? And while you’re here, check out our site for more Health and Beauty tips.