Suitcase is a must for traveling, and you don’t have to hit a jackpot at to buy it, as there are lots of cost-efficient models on the market today. Here are the most essential criteria to follow to find the best suitcase.


There are many configurations of modern suitcases. Different manufacturers have their dimensions, but the difference in size is no more than a dozen centimeters. Meanwhile, there is a general classification of the size range, depending on the purpose:

  • Small suitcases are most often used for hand luggage in an airplane or for a short trip.
  • Medium. It’s the most popular size, as it accommodates all the essentials for two-weeks trips.
  • Large suitcases are suitable for a family with a child, when you need to take a lot of things with you.

Don’t be in a hurry to buy a huge suitcase for everyone. Perhaps it is better to buy a couple of small and medium-sized suitcases: this way everyone will have his own personal luggage and there will be no clutter.


Choose the material of which your perfect suitcase will be made. The choice is usually between fabric or plastic, as the other types are less common and will cost considerably more.


A traditional option that does not lose its popularity even today. There are a number of reasons for this:

  • Lightweight.
  • Affordable.
  • Equipped with external pockets for small items.
  • Volume can be enlarged.

Nylon, polyester, polyamide is used for sewing. To improve the characteristics, it is treated with moisture- and dirt-repellent impregnation. After a few years of use, such a suitcase loses its attractiveness.

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Another disadvantage is the instability of the walls to pressure, so do not be surprised that after transportation there will be creases on the clothes, and fragile items can even break.

There are also combined versions: they often combine plastic and fabric. They combine the beauty of the latter with the durability of the former.


Popular due to its resistance to external loads. No matter how much your luggage is packed, everything inside will stay the same way it was packed. In addition, this shell protects the contents from water, and the surface is easily cleaned with a simple cloth. The casing is made of ABS plastic, polycarbonate or polypropylene.


The price is high, but leather is easily scratched and damaged and requires special care.

Most often such objects belong to the category of elite, and only well-to-do citizens who care to emphasize their status can afford to buy them.


Such suitcases are made of lightweight aluminum alloys used for aircraft construction. They are very durable and are not afraid of any impact, external pressure, water or even fire.

Metal suitcases will last at least ten years, but you have to pay a lot of money for all these pleasures.


There is nothing more horrible than a wheel that falls off on the road. In this case, you will have to carry an uncomfortable load on your own. So when choosing, be careful and picky, and buy a product on good quality wheels.

Two-wheeled suitcases are easier to handle in off-road conditions, but they are more prone to breakdowns. Besides, a third of the luggage weight is on your hand, and the load can be quite significant. The inclined side must be supplemented with support points, so that you can put the suitcase upright.

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Rotating around its axis makes it possible to maneuver the four-wheeled suitcase without difficulty. The weight is not felt, so it is very easy to move the suitcase. But only on a level surface. If there are any irregularities along the way, the luggage must be carried in the hands.

Eight-wheeled suitcases provide extra reliability. This version is not afraid of overload, and if one of the wheels breaks, then nothing terrible will happen, and the rest will take over its function.


In any travel suitcase, there is a basic retractable handle. It is good if the part will be made of metal, not plastic, which cannot withstand serious stresses.

There is a special mechanism for fixing the positions, preventing the element from popping out or folding at the wrong moment.

Be sure to try on the length of the handle: you should be comfortable. If you have to bend a little, it means that the extension arm is too short for you. If your arm is half-bent, it is too long.

Besides the retractable handle, cases are often equipped with two more: on top and on the side. They are useful in situations where you can’t roll your luggage: on stairs, on a bumpy road, etc.