how to increase productivity in manufacturing

Production is the main goal for all manufacturing company. You can’t imagine that one good Manufacturing Factory without Productivity. So in the world manufacturing technology improve Day to day. But we have no idea about of all modern lean manufacturing Technology process.

So we have to know how to increase productivity in manufacturing Company. More learn about factors of lost time and non-productive time.

how to increase productivity in manufacturing

how to increase productivity in manufacturing: Main 3 Factors:

  1. Improve Skill level  
  2. No Process Delay (Waiting)
  3. No Re-works
how to increase productivity in manufacturing

1. Skill level

Operators sewing skill

Re Grade Operators with skill assessment approach

Skill Level improvement is the most popular answer for question of how to increase productivity in manufacturing? Some of the operators graded in the recruitment stage, but practically they are not performing as in a required level.

Train for Maintain Required Quality standards

Need to make responsible for the quality standards and it will lead to improve quality of product.  After improve skill level will increase productivity in manufacturing.

Production Supervisors Technical skill

Improve sewing technical knowledge, and time management skill

Pattern makers Skill

Upgrade pattern makers skill level to minimize rework on their patterns. Especially on sewing technical knowledge and product feasible concerns.

Mechanic technical skill

Train the mechanic for garment sewing technology Engineer. Needle selection, Folder attachment application, Mechanic should get knowledge on used of auto mated machinery.

Industrial Engineers make as quick Decision makers

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Improve sewing technical knowledge, need short brief on each and every customer production manual. Its very effective for increase productivity in manufacturing and efficiency.

2. Process Delays

Accessory handover delays

Need to have procedure, Stitching start only for completed packages; it will reduce waiting time while stitching.

 Strictly follow the Production lead time

Make a good team to complete the Production within given time period

Out of the plan stitching, it’s caused plan getting delay. & need to have control on exceptional case handle (max 10 %) can reserve the approximate capacity for exceptional concerns

Approval delays 

Production feasibility concerns – need to confirm prior sample schedule Mockup approval, waiting for the approval from the buyer end.

Needle Change process  

Each and every needle change time need to collect needle from main stores and it take minimum 15 min to 30 min. 

Suggest having mini needle store in Production Floor with proper supervision.

Pre-Sampling meeting

Uncompleted details and waiting for decision Eg. Tech pack ,trim card & referring sample

Need to make sure before meeting, stitch related all concern are okay to proceed.

3. Other related concern

Time allocation for Garment:

To minimize human errors proposed to start the barcode scanning system. For lost time reduction need T&A plan Line wise need to set production plan. It’s a effective strategy to increase productivity in manufacturing company.

Machine Adjustment more due to lack of special machineries  

Proposed to increase special machines as per new requirements to reduce waiting time  .

Make a good team responsible for inline quality and production    

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Introduce incentive system based on quality standard maintenance and OTD additional to efficiency base. if any one need to know
how to increase productivity in manufacturing please suggest avobe details.