Apparel Merchandising Department
Apparel Merchandising Department

For a garment factory, merchandising Department is the most important department. In garments, there are many departments. Apparel Merchandising department keeps a good relationship with every department. Also, the “Merchandising” is known to the persons especially involved in garments trade. The term merchandising has been derived from the merchandise. Merchandise means goods that are bought & sold.

The term “Merchandising” may be defined as Person who merchandises the goods, specifically for export purposes. Garments merchandising means buying raw materials & accessories, producing garments, maintaining the required quality level and exporting the garments within schedule time. From the above definitions, I can say that a person involved in garments merchandising needs a wide range of knowledge & skill to perform his job successfully. The job itself is Technical and general as well.


1. Good command in English and adequate knowledge of technical terms for accurate and efficient communication.

2. Good knowledge of Fiber, Yarn, Fabric, Dyeing, Printing, Finishing, Dyes, Colorfastness, Garments Production, etc.

3. A clear conception of the usual potential quality problems in the garments manufacturing.

4. Good knowledge of the usual raw materials inspection systems & garments inspection systems.

5. Knowledge of the quota system used in each of the producing countries, like duty rates, customs regulations, shipping and banking documentation etc.


At first, the buyer gives a sample or sketch to merchandiser. Merchandising department then work for collecting the fabric consumption, required accessories & trims to make the garments according to buyer sample with the help of the sample department. After completing the sample merchandising department sends it to the buyer for approval.  If the sample is ok than merchandiser placed the price to the buyer through e-mail. After settled the price, buyer place the order for production and also the shipment date to the merchandising department.

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Getting approval of sample merchandising department make a purchase order and contact with the supplier for all trims that will use on that particular style.

When they get raw materials from suppliers they send it to production. Merchandising department monitoring the garment preparation procedure such as cutting, sewing, washing, finishing and make sure that the shipment will be on time.

apparel merchandising

after production completed should send it to buying office or buyer for approval. If any problem arises for which the shipment could be the delay, merchandising department make contact with the buyer and try to convince them.